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suggest; tender, bid, propose a price; present, put forward, submit; express (goodwill, intent, etc.); present or sacrifice as an act of worship suggestion; proposal of a price, tender, bid; proposal of marriage; expression of (goodwill, intent, etc.)

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もっと: 英語から英語へのofferの翻訳
προσκομίζω, προσφέρω, προσφέρομαι, προτείνω προσφορά, πρόταση

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提供, 贡献, 出价; 出现, 提议, 献祭 出价, 意图, 提议

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もっと: 英語から中国語(繁体)へのofferの翻訳
提供, 貢獻, 出價; 出現, 提議, 獻祭 出價, 意圖, 提議

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もっと: 英語から中国語(簡体)へのofferの翻訳
عرض, اقترح, قدم, قدم قربانا, قدم سيكارة, أبدى إستعداده, عرض للبيع, عرض سعرا, قدم اقتراحا اقتراح, عرض, عرض تقديم, سعي

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ofrecer, brindar, ofertar, presentar, proponer, tender oferta, ofrecimiento, promesa, proposición; disponibilidad

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предлагать; возносить; предлагать определенную цену; предлагать вниманию; приносить жертвы предложение, попытка, предложение цены

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voorstellen; prijs opgeven; serveren, aanbieden; uitdrukken; bereid zijn; opofferen aanbod; prijsopgave; voorstel; bereid zijn (tot)

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ofertar, oferecer; orçar; servir; demonstrar, expressar (boa vontade, disposição) oferta; orçamento; expressão de , demonstração de (boa vontade, coleguismo, etc.)

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teklif etmek, sunmak, ikram etmek, vermek, arzetmek, bildirmek, açmak (savaş), ortaya çıkmak, adamak teklif, öneri, sunum, arz, satışa çıkarma, adak, bağış, sunma

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offrire, porgere, presentare; proporre; offrirsi di, dichiararsi disposto a; fornire; opporre, fare; fare l'atto di, fare per, accennare; mettere in vendita; fare un'offerta di; (Scol) portare offerta; gesto, atto, cenno

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offrir; proposer un prix; présenter; s'offrir, se présenter; offrir un sacrifice; suggérer; exprimer offre; suggestion; proposition de prix; demande en mariage

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anbieten; Preisangebot machen; einreichen; Ausdruck verleihen (Dank etc.); (Opfer) darbringen Vorschlag; Angebot; Preisangebot; Ausdruck (des guten Willens, der Freundschaft etc.)

辞書ソース: Babylon English-German Dictionary
もっと: 英語から ドイツ語へのofferの翻訳
提供する; 提案する; 売りに出す; 申し出る 提案; 提供; 申し出; 申し込み; 売値

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להציע; להציע מחיר; להגיש; להביע (נכונות, תודה וכו'); להעלות קרבן(לאל) הצעה; הצעת מחיר; הבעה של(רצון טוב, ידידות וכו')

辞書ソース: Babylon English-Hebrew Dictionary
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제공하다, 권하다, 제시하다; 가격을 제시하다; 제출하다; 호의를 표현하다; 기도를 드리다 제안, 제의; 가격 제시; 청혼, 구혼; 호의나 의도 등의 표현

辞書ソース: Babylon English-Korean Dictionary
もっと: 英語から 韓国語へのofferの翻訳
erbjuda; offerera; lägga fram; framföra (sitt medgivande, tack etc.); offra (till gud) erbjudande; offert; anbud (välvilja, vänskap etc.)

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\of"fer\ (?), v. t. [imp. & p. p. offered (?); p. pr. & vb. n. offering.] [oe. offren, as. offrian to sacrifice, fr. l. offerre; ob (see ob-) + ferre to bear, bring. the english word was influenced by f. offrir to offer, of the same origin. see 1st bear.]
1. to present, as an act of worship; to immolate; to sacrifice; to present in prayer or devotion; -- often with up. thou shalt offer every day a bullock for a sin offering for atonement. xxix. 36. a holy priesthood to offer up spiritual sacrifices. ii. 5.
2. to bring to or before; to hold out to; to present for acceptance or rejection; as, to offer a present, or a bribe; to offer one's self in marriage. i offer thee three things. xxiv. 12.
3. to present in words; to proffer; to make a proposal of; to suggest; as, to offer an opinion. with the infinitive as an objective: to make an offer; to declare one's willingness; as, he offered to help me.
4. to attempt; to undertake. all that offer to defend him.
5. to bid, as a price, reward, or wages; as, to offer a guinea for a ring; to offer a salary or reward.
6. to put in opposition to; to manifest in an offensive way; to threaten; as, to offer violence, attack, etc.

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 tender offer 

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A proposal; after acceptance it becomes a contract.

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A explicit proposal to contract which, if accepted, completes the contract and binds both the person that made the offer and the person accepting the offer to the terms of the contract. - (read more on Offer)

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To show the desire to sell a futures contract at an established price.

著作権: 辞書ソース: A Guide to Futures and Options Market Terminology : English-English
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Indicates a willingness to sell at a given price. Related: bid

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A proposal that is made to a certain individual or legal entity to enter into a contract, that is definite in its terms, and that indicates the offeror's intent to be bound by an acceptance

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In business, an offer is a proposal to sell or buy a specific product or service under specific conditions:
  • a tender offer, an offer to buy company stock from existing stockholders under specific conditions
  • an offer price, or ask price, the price a seller is willing to accept for a particular good

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Line from Winston Churchill's wartime speech on becoming prime minister of the UK in 1940. Meaning
The 'offer' being 'do as I say or I'll kill you'.
Line from The Godfather. It is used in all of the Godfather trilogy of films but varies slightly throughout and isn't always easy to hear through all that cotton wool. In the first occurrence in the first film it is 'I'll make him an offer he don't refuse'.

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exhibeo exibeo, offero, praesto presto, polliceor

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もっと: 英語から英語へのofferの翻訳
1. the verbal act of offering; "a generous offer of assistance"
(synonym) offering
(hypernym) speech act
(derivation) extend
2. something offered (as a proposal or bid); "noteworthy new offerings for investors included several index funds"
(synonym) offering
(hypernym) message, content, subject matter, substance
(hyponym) contract offer
(derivation) bid, tender
3. a usually brief attempt; "he took a crack at it"; "I gave it a whirl"
(synonym) crack, fling, go, pass, whirl
(hypernym) attempt, effort, endeavor, endeavour, try
1. make available or accessible, provide or furnish; "The conference center offers a health spa"; "The hotel offers private meeting rooms"
(hypernym) supply, provide, render, furnish
(hyponym) hook, solicit, accost
(derivation) offering
2. present for acceptance or rejection; "She offered us all a cold drink"
(synonym) proffer
(hypernym) give
(hyponym) give
(derivation) offering
3. agree freely; "She volunteered to drive the old lady home"; "I offered to help with the dishes but the hostess would not hear of it"
(synonym) volunteer
(hypernym) act, move
(derivation) offering
4. put forward for consideration; "He offered his opinion"
(hypernym) project, propose
(derivation) offering
5. offer verbally; "extend my greetings"; "He offered his sympathy"
(synonym) extend
(hypernym) give, pay
(verb-group) extend
(derivation) offering
6. make available for sale; "The stores are offering specials on sweaters this week"
(hypernym) market
7. propose a payment; "The Swiss dealer offered $2 million for the painting"
(synonym) bid, tender
(hyponym) by-bid
(entail) dicker, bargain
(derivation) offering
(classification) auction, auction sale, vendue
8. produce or introduce on the stage; "The Shakespeare Company is offering `King Lear' this month"
(hypernym) produce, bring on, bring out
9. present as an act of worship; "offer prayers to the gods"
(synonym) offer up
(hypernym) worship
(hyponym) sacrifice
(derivation) offering
10. mount or put up; "put up a good fight"; "offer resistance"
(synonym) put up, provide
(hypernym) engage, wage
11. make available; provide; "extend a loan"; "The bank offers a good deal on new mortgages"
(synonym) extend
(hypernym) supply, provide, render, furnish
(verb-group) extend
(derivation) offering
12. ask (someone) to marry you; "he popped the question on Sunday night"; "she proposed marriage to the man she had known for only two months"; "The old bachelor finally declared himself to the young woman"
(synonym) propose, declare oneself, pop the question
(hypernym) request
13. threaten to do something; "I offered to leave the committee if they did not accept my proposal"
(hypernym) threaten
1. not in operation or operational; "the oven is off"; "the lights are off"
(antonym) on
(similar) disconnected
2. below a satisfactory level; "an off year for tennis"; "his performance was off"
(similar) unsatisfactory
3. (of events) no longer planned or scheduled; "the wedding is definitely off"
(synonym) cancelled
(antonym) on
4. in an unpalatable state; "sour milk"
(synonym) sour, turned
(similar) soured
5. not performing or scheduled for duties; "He's off every Tuesday"; "he was off duty when it happened"; "an off-duty policeman"
(synonym) off(p), off duty(p), off-duty(a)
(similar) inactive
1. from a particular thing or place or position (`forth' is obsolete); "ran away from the lion"; "wanted to get away from there"; "sent the children away to boarding school"; "the teacher waved the children away from the dead animal"; "went off to school"; "they drove off"; "go forth and preach"
(synonym) away, forth
(classification) archaism, archaicism
2. at a distance in space or time; "the boat was 5 miles off (or away)"; "the party is still 2 weeks off (or away)"; "away back in the 18th century"
(synonym) away
3. no longer on or in contact or attached; "clean off the dirt"; "he shaved off his mustache"

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Offer = n. implements; gear Cymhell = n. compulsion, v. to compel; to instigate; to offer Cynnyg = n. proffer, offer; v. to offer; to tender Offrymu = v. to sacrifice, to offer Ymgynig = v. to offer one's self

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The price or yield at which a security is offered for sale. Municipal bonds are traded ‘over-the-counter’, so the yield offered is net to the buyer. There is generally not a commission added on. See also Bid and Yield To Maturity.

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Both hands, slightly cupped, palms up, are held close to the chest. They move up and out in unison, describing a very slight arc.

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(v. t.)
To put in opposition to; to manifest in an offensive way; to threaten; as, to offer violence, attack, etc.
   (v. t.)
To present, as an act of worship; to immolate; to sacrifice; to present in prayer or devotion; -- often with up.
   (v. t.)
To present in words; to proffer; to make a proposal of; to suggest; as, to offer an opinion. With the infinitive as an objective: To make an offer; to declare one's willingness; as, he offered to help me.
   (v. t.)
To bring to or before; to hold out to; to present for acceptance or rejection; as, to offer a present, or a bribe; to offer one's self in marriage.
   (v. t.)
To bid, as a price, reward, or wages; as, to offer a guinea for a ring; to offer a salary or reward.
   (v. t.)
To attempt; to undertake.
   (v. t.)
The act of offering, bringing forward, proposing, or bidding; a proffer; a first advance.
   (v. t.)
That which is offered or brought forward; a proposal to be accepted or rejected; a sum offered; a bid.
   (v. t.)
Attempt; endeavor; essay; as, he made an offer to catch the ball.
   (v. i.)
To present itself; to be at hand.
   (v. i.)
To make an attempt; to make an essay or a trial; -- used with at.

著作権: Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary (1913), edited by Noah Porter. About 辞書ソース: Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary (1913)
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nufai nufau

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(jocular) over-cooked food off to the toilet to leave a deposit

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A proposal to enter into certain arrangements, usually accompanied by an expected acceptance. For example, an offer to purchase a house for $50,000.

A proposition to do a thing.

An offer ought to contain a right, if accepted, of compelling the fulfilment of the contract and this right when not expressed is always implied.

By virtue of his natural liberty, a man may change his will at any time, if it is not to the injury of another; he may, therefore, revoke or recall his offers, at any time before they have been accepted; and in order to deprive him of this right the offer must have been accepted on the terms in which it was made.

Any qualification of, or departure from those terms, invalidates the offer unless the same be agreed to by the party who made it.

When the offer has been made, the party is presumed to be willing to enter into the contract for the time limited, and if the time be not fixed by the offer, then until it be expressly revoked or rendered nugatory by a contrary presumption.

This entry contains material from Bouvier's Legal Dictionary, a work published in the 1850's.

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προσφορά, πρόταση

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辞書ソース: English Greek Engineering Dictionary
もっと: 英語から ギリシャ語へのofferの翻訳
(Lex**) προσφορά

辞書ソース: English-Greek Technical Dictionary
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Ουσ. προσφορά, πρότασηΡημ. προσφέρω, θυσιάζω, προσκομίζω, προτείνω, υποδεικνύω, υποδείχνω//
Greece offers a myriad of experiences, landscapes and activities.

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προσφορά, προσφέρω

辞書ソース: English-Greek Online Dictionary
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v. oferi
n. ofertipropono

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edzigxpeto, edzigxpropono, oferi, oferti, oferto, proponado, proponi, propono, prezenti, prezenti1, prezenti2, prezenti5, proponi3

辞書ソース: English Esperanto Dictionary (M.F.)
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bied, aanbod, voorstel

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[E] offer (n|vt) [P] oferecimento (m), oferecer (vt) [C] 提供

辞書ソース: English-Chinese (S) Dictionary
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nf - Offer (pl. Offeren); nn - Ugebuet (pl. Ugebueter)v - 1. ubidden (e bitt un; part. ugebueden); 2. afferen (en affert; part. geaffert); 3. bidden (e bitt; part. gebueden); 4. ofréieren (en ofréiert; part. ofréiert) v - 1. ubidden (e bitt un; part. ugebueden); 2. bidden (e bitt; part. gebueden); 3. ofréieren (en ofréiert; part. ofréiert)

辞書ソース: English-Luxembourgish Dictionary
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n offerta; v offerer

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قدم قربانا = صلى ، رفع صلاة قدم اقترح = ابدى استعداده او رغبته ابدى = هدد ، توعد عرض للبيع او للعيان عرض سعرا
سنحت الفرصة قدم عرضا
عرض = طلب اليد للزواج الثمن المعروض محاولة ، سعى

辞書ソース: English Arabic Dictionary
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اسْم : عَرْض
فِعْل : يُقدِّم . يقترح . يُبْدي . يهدِّد . يَعْرِض

辞書ソース: Concise English-Arabic Dictionary
もっと: 英語から アラビア語へのofferの翻訳
أسعار العرض الحالية

辞書ソース: Wadan English-Arabic Auditing Terms
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قَدَّمَ ; قَدَّمَ سِعْرًا أو عَطاءً أو عَرْضًا ; قَدَّمَ عَطَاءً ; مَنَحَ

辞書ソース: English to Arabic Dictionary
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halad(Verb) idlit(Verb) idulot;tanyag

辞書ソース: English-Visayan Dictionary
もっと: 英語からVisayanへのofferの翻訳
nabídka, nabídnout (se), nabízet, naskytnout se, poskytovat

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pakkumine, ettepanek; pakkuma, ettepanekut tegema

辞書ソース: English Estonian Dictionary
もっと: 英語から エストニア語へのofferの翻訳
menawarkan,menganjurkan,mempersembahkan pada tuhan

辞書ソース: English - Indonesian Dictionary
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my child #15

辞書ソース: Mas NDon English Indonesian Dictionary
もっと: 英語から インドネシア語へのofferの翻訳
menawar, pengajuan, menawarkan, memberi, meminang

辞書ソース: English-Indonesian Online Dictionary
もっと: 英語から インドネシア語へのofferの翻訳
mengijabkan, tender a bid, perform a wedding ceremony, answer a prayer, give consent

辞書ソース: English Indonesian Dictionary
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Para mostrar el deseo de vender un contrato de futuros a un precio establecido.

著作権: 辞書ソース: English-Spanish Futures and Options Terminology
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v.- ofrecer | presentar | proponer | deparar - s.- oferta | ofrecimiento | proposición

辞書ソース: English_Spanish by Jaime Aguirre
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ofrecer, facilitar, presentar, sugerir, proponer; ofrecimiento, oferta, propuesta, enviteto offer itself
presentarse, ofrecerse
to offer battle
presentar batalla oferta de lanzamiento oferta firme

辞書ソース: English Spanish Dictionary
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(n.) = oferta.
Ex: She then said 'Thanks for the offer, but I've signed a contract and made a deposit on an apartment'.
* decline + Posesivo + offer = rechazar una oferta.
* job offer = oferta de trabajo, oferta laboral, oferta de empleo.
* make + an offer = hacer una oferta.
* money back offer = garantía de devolución del dinero.
* on offer = disponible.
* ono [or nearest offer] = abierto a ofertas.
* propose + an offer = proponer una oferta.
* service offer = oferta de servicios, carta de servicios.
* snatch + an offer = no dudar en aceptar una oferta, quitarle a Uno Algo de las manos.
* special offer = oferta especial.
* trial offer = oferta de prueba.
(v.) = ofrecer, ofertar, brindar, proporcionar, contener.
Ex: Thus some current awareness services can be purchased from external vendors, whilst others may be offered by a library or information unit to its particular group of users.
* offer + a chance to = ofrecer la oportunidad de.
* offer + a comment = comentar, hacer un comentario.
* offer + a course = ofrecer un curso.
* offer + advice = asesorar, ofrecer asesoramiento.
* offer + a facility = ofrecer una prestación.
* offer + an account of = ofrecer una visión de, analizar, examinar, informar.
* offer + an olive branch = ofrecer una rama de olivo para hacer las paces.
* offer + an opinion = opinar, ofrecer una opinión, dar una opinión.
* offer + an opportunity = ofrecer una oportunidad.
* offer + a perspective = ofrecer una perspectiva, presentar una idea.
* offer + a prescription = ofrecer una norma.
* offer + a solution = ofrecer una solución, brindar una solución.
* offer + assistance = prestar ayuda, ofrecer ayuda.
* offer + a word of thanks = agradecer.
* offer + clues = dar ideas.
* offer + criticism = hacer una crítica.
* offer + discount = ofrecer un descuento.
* offer + guidance = ofrecer asesoramiento, prestar ayuda, ofrecer ayuda.
* offer + hints and advice = ofrecer consejos prácticos.
* offer + inducement = ofrecer incentivo.
* offer + information = ofrecer información.
* offer + in quantity = ofrecer en cantidad.
* offer + insights = ayudar a comprender mejor.
* offer + Nombre + congratulations = dar la enhorabuena.
* offer + options = ofrecer posibilidades.
* offer + possibilities = ofrecer posibilidades.
* offer + sanctuary = ofrecer santuario.
* offer + suggestions = hacer sugerencias.
* offer + support = apoyar.
* offer + the facility = ofrecer la posibilidad de.

辞書ソース: English Spanish Dictionary (Granada University, Spain), 7.7
もっと: 英語からスペイン語へのofferの翻訳
oferta, proposición, presentar, ofrecimiento

辞書ソース: English-Spanish Online Dictionary
もっと: 英語からスペイン語へのofferの翻訳
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№_1.: [n.] предложение
on ~ (имеется) в продаже №_2.: [v.]
2) пытаться, пробовать
3) оказывать (сопротивление)
4) представляться (о случае, возможности)
5) приносить (жертвы) №_1.: [adv.] [указывыает на]:
1) [удаление]: a long way ~ далеко
~ with you! прочь!
2) снятие предмета одежды: hats ~! шапки долой!
~ with your hat! снимите шляпу!
3) [прекращение или законченный характер действия]: to break ~ negotiations прервать переговоры
the contest came ~ on the day fixed состязание прошло в назначенный день
4) [выключение какого-л. аппарата, механизма из действия]: turn ~ the gas! выключи(те) газ!
switch ~ the light! выключите свет!
5) [состояние человека]: this man is well ~ это обеспеченный человек
your friend is badly ~ ваш приятель беден
~ and on время от времени №_2.:[prep указывает на]:
1) [удаление с поверхности предмета с]
the plate fell ~ the table тарелка упала со стола
2) [отклонение от нормы]: ~ one's balance потерявший равновесие
~ color имеющий нездоровый вид
3) [неучастие в чем-л.]: he is ~ gambling он не принимает участия в игре
4) [расстояние] от
a village some kilometers ~ the main road поселок в нескольких километрах от большой дороги
~ the coast неподалеку от берега №_3.: [adj.]
свободный (о времени, часах)
2) дальний
3) неурожайный (о годе)
4) мертвый (о сезоне)
5) боковой (об улице)
6) правый (о стороне)
7) обращённый в сторону моря (о борте корабля)
8) несвежий (о пище)
9) маловероятный (о случае)
10) плохо себя чувствующий №_4.: [v.] [разг.] прекращать (переговоры)

辞書ソース: English-Russian Dictionary (Morteza)
もっと: 英語から ロシア語へのofferの翻訳
(v) предлагать; предложить (n) оферта; предложение

著作権: Learn more at 辞書ソース: English-Russian Lingvistica Dictionary
もっと: 英語から ロシア語へのofferの翻訳
возвращаться (на переговоры) с новым предложением
We came back with a new offer and the negotiations continued smoothly. - Мы выдвинули новое предложение и переговоры благополучно продолжились.
предлагать высокие зарплаты
выразить свои соболезнования
1. на продажу; 2. продается; 3. (имеется) в продаже

辞書ソース: Idioms (English to Russian)
もっと: 英語から ロシア語へのofferの翻訳
предложить; предложение

辞書ソース: English-Russian Computer Dictionary
もっと: 英語から ロシア語へのofferの翻訳
случаться, попытка, предлагать, предложение, выдвигать

辞書ソース: English-Russian Dictionary (Dogan)
もっと: 英語から ロシア語へのofferの翻訳
предложение n

著作権: Copyright © 2004-2006, Dr. Pavel Dallakian & Dipl.-Ing. Boris Yanyuk, All rights reserved. 辞書ソース: WinCept English Russian Glass Dictionary
もっと: 英語から ロシア語へのofferの翻訳

辞書ソース: English-Russian Online Dictionary
もっと: 英語から ロシア語へのofferの翻訳
1. n. 1. предложение; to keep one's offer open - оставить свое предложение в силе 2. предложение цены 3. попытка; (goods) on offer - в продаже 2. v. 1. предлагать; выражать готовность; to offer a free pardon - обещать полное прощение; to offer no other prospect than - не сулить ничего иного кроме; - offer hand - offer an opinion - offer an apology - offer hope - offer prospects of - offer battle 2. пытаться; пробовать; - offer resistance - offer to strike 3. выдвигать, предлагать вниманию 4. случаться, являться; as chance/opportunity/occasion offers - при случае; to take the first opportunity that offers - воспользоваться первой же представившейся возможностью 5. предлагать для продажи по определенной цене; предлагать определенную цену 6. приносить (жертву; особ. offer up); возносить (молитвы); - offer prayers Syn: bid, present, proffer, propose, tender, volunteer Ant: forswear, reject withhold

辞書ソース: English-Russian Dictionary (Mueller24)
もっと: 英語から ロシア語へのofferの翻訳
ofrecé; ofrecé; presentá; presentá; presentá; presentá; proponé; proponé; proposishon

辞書ソース: English Papiamento Dictionary
もっと: 英語からPapiamentoへのofferの翻訳
huwelijksaanzoek, aanzoek

辞書ソース: English-Dutch Online Dictionary
もっと: 英語から オランダ語へのofferの翻訳

著作権: © Jakob Vlietstra, 2006 辞書ソース: English-Dutch Technical Dictionary
もっと: 英語から オランダ語へのofferの翻訳
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Demonstrar o desejo de vender um contrato de futuros a um preço estabelecido.

著作権: 辞書ソース: English-Portuguese Futures and Options Terminology
もっと: 英語からポルトガル語へのofferの翻訳
apresentar, sugerir, propor
GUIA DO RIO disponível

辞書ソース: Ivo Korytowski's English-Portuguese Translator's Dictionary
もっと: 英語からポルトガル語へのofferの翻訳

著作権: Tom van der Meijden 辞書ソース: English-Portuguese Online Dictionary
もっと: 英語からポルトガル語へのofferの翻訳
[direitos comerciais] oferta, proposta [finanças] oferta [negócios] oferta, proposta

辞書ソース: English Portuguese Dictionary (Oliveira)
もっと: 英語からポルトガル語へのofferの翻訳

辞書ソース: English Turkish Dictionary
もっと: 英語から トルコ語へのofferの翻訳
teklif etmek, teklif, öneri; sunma, takdim, arz; fiyat teklifi

辞書ソース: English Turkish Dictionary (M. Yildiz)
もっと: 英語から トルコ語へのofferの翻訳
f. 1. teklif etmek, önermek. 2. vermek, sağlamak. 3. sunmak, takdim etmek, arzetmek. 4. ikram etmek, sunmak. i. 1. teklif, öneri. 2. fiyat teklifi.

辞書ソース: Saja English Turkish Dictionary
もっと: 英語から トルコ語へのofferの翻訳
teklif, fiyat teklifi; teklif etmek

辞書ソース: English Turkish Contractual Dictionary
もっと: 英語から トルコ語へのofferの翻訳

辞書ソース: English Turkish Construction & Machinery Dictionary
もっと: 英語から トルコ語へのofferの翻訳
f. 1. teklif etmek, önermek. 2. vermek, sağlamak. 3. sunmak, takdim etmek, arzetmek. 4. ikram etmek, sunmak. i. 1. teklif, öneri. 2. fiyat

辞書ソース: English Turkish Dictionary (Magnetron)
もっと: 英語から トルコ語へのofferの翻訳

辞書ソース: English-Turkish Computer Science Dictionary
もっと: 英語から トルコ語へのofferの翻訳
v.sun:n.teklif,v.teklif et:n.teklif

辞書ソース: Erzin English Turkish Dictionary
もっと: 英語から トルコ語へのofferの翻訳
vi. อ๊อบฟเฟอะ (บังคับ)
1. เกิดขึ้น : You must take the first opportunity that offers.
2. เสนอตัว : He offered to help me.

辞書ソース: English - Thai Dictionary (Loy)
もっと: 英語から タイ語へのofferの翻訳
(ออฟ'เฟอะ) v.,n. (การ) เสนอ,กล่าวว่าจะยกให้,มอบ,ถวาย,ให้,เสนอราคา,บอกราคา,บอกขาย,ขอแต่งงาน,แสดง,ทำให้ปรากฎ,ประมูล,บูชา คำศัพท์ย่อย: offerer n. offeror n.

辞書ソース: Eci English Thai Dictionary
もっと: 英語から タイ語へのofferの翻訳

辞書ソース: English - Thai Dictionary
もっと: 英語から タイ語へのofferの翻訳
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1. Hiến dâng, phụng hiến, cống hiến, hiến, tặng, tiến 2. Đề nghị

辞書ソース: English Vietnamese Philosophy Dictionary
もっと: 英語から ベトナム語へのofferの翻訳


◊ danh từ

▪ sự đưa tay ra, sự tỏ ra sẵn sàng cho, sự tỏ ra sẵn sàng làm

▪ sự chào hàng

▪ sự trả giá

▪ lời dạm hỏi, lời đề nghị, lời ướm, lời mời chào

◊ ngoại động từ

▪ biếu, tặng, dâng, hiến, cúng, tiến

◦ to offer someone something : biếu ai cái gì

▪ xung phong (nghĩa bóng), tỏ ý muốn, để lộ ý muốn

◦ to offer to help somebody : xung phong, giúp đỡ ai

▪ đưa ra bán, bày ra bán (hàng)

▪ giơ ra, chìa ra, đưa ra mời

◦ to offer one's hand : giơ tay ra (để bắt)

◦ to offer a few remarks : đưa ra một vài câu nhận xét

▪ đưa ra đề nghị

◦ to offer a plan : đưa ra một kế hoạch, đề nghị một kế hoạch

▪ dạm, hỏi, ướm

◊ nội động từ

▪ cúng

▪ xảy ra, xảy đến, xuất hiện

◦ as opportunity offers : khi có dịp (xảy ra)

▫ to offer battle

▪ nghênh chiến

▫ to offer resistance

▪ chống cự

辞書ソース: English Vietnamese Dictionary
もっと: 英語から ベトナム語へのofferの翻訳
licitazione, licitare, offrire, offerto

著作権: Tom van der Meijden 辞書ソース: English-Italian Online Dictionary
もっと: 英語からイタリア語へのofferの翻訳
a oferi;a acorda;a da

辞書ソース: English Romanian Dictionary (MF)
もっと: 英語から ルーマニア語へのofferの翻訳
I. 1. a oferi , a da ; a acorda ; a prezenta
2. a incerca ; a manifesta
3. a oferi , a da (un pret)
II. (d. un prilej etc.) a se ivi , a se oferi
III. 1. oferta , propunere
2. oferta ; pret
3. incercare

辞書ソース: English Romanian Dictionary (RDE)
もっと: 英語から ルーマニア語へのofferの翻訳
(ec) ofertă // a oferi

辞書ソース: Victors - English Romanian Technical Dictionary
もっと: 英語から ルーマニア語へのofferの翻訳
oferta; propunere; a oferi; a propune; a intinde; a acorda; offer a se prezenta; a se oferi

辞書ソース: English Romanian Dictionary (DM)
もっと: 英語から ルーマニア語へのofferの翻訳
a emite; a face o propunere; a face o încercare, a încerca; a jertfi; a oferi; a se oferi, a sta la dispozitie; cerere (în casatorie); oferta, propunere

辞書ソース: DERFOC English-Romanian Dictionary
もっと: 英語から ルーマニア語へのofferの翻訳
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s oferta, oferiment, proposta, proposició
oferir, brindar | fer un comentari | presentar-se, donar-se, oferir-se

辞書ソース: English Catalan Dictionary
もっと: 英語から カタロニア語へのofferの翻訳
oferta f ...cut price offers... ...special offers. Murgatroyd's offer was the most attractive... offer of 5 pounds. (of assistance etc ) propozycja f Their offer of mediation was rejected... ...Kirk's offer to take me to the clinic... vt (cigarette, seat etc ) proponować (zaproponować perf ) apple which he offered to his friend. Meadows stood up and offered her his chair... (service, product ) oferować (zaoferować perf ) I was offered a place at Harvard University. The police are offering a substantial reward to anyone with information about the murder. They offered Rayos 2,000 pesos an acre. ...the facilities and equipment offered by the playgroup... Racal offers a portable telephone unit at a reasonable price. (help, friendship ) ofiarować (zaofiarować perf ) (advice, praise ) udzielać (udzielić perf ) +gen Do you have any advice to offer parents?... (congratulations ) składać (złożyć perf ) May I offer my congratulations... (opportunity, prospect ) dawać (dać perf ) , stwarzać (stworzyć perf ) The new car plant offers the prospect of 5,000 jobs... to make an offer for sth składać (złożyć perf ) ofertę na coś I'll make you one final offer. Twenty pounds. to offer sth to sb proponować (zaproponować perf ) coś komuś he offered to take us... zaofiarował się zabrać nas... "on offer" (COMM : available ) oferowany The high rates of interest on offer do involve penalties... (COMM : cheaper ) przeceniony This item is on offer for a limited period.

辞書ソース: English Polish Dictionary (Gold)
もっと: 英語から ポーランド語へのofferの翻訳

辞書ソース: English-Polish Proverbs
もっと: 英語から ポーランド語へのofferの翻訳
ofiarować, oferować; oferta, propozycja

辞書ソース: English Polish Dictionary
もっと: 英語から ポーランド語へのofferの翻訳
oferta; sugestia; propozycjaoferować; proponować

辞書ソース: English Polish Dictionary 0.15
もっと: 英語から ポーランド語へのofferの翻訳
offer1 ['KfB(r)] n offre f, proposition f;
Com to make an offer for something, faire une offre pour quelque chose;
on offer, en vente;
£500 or nearest offer, = prix à débattre autour de 500 livres;
special offer, (in shop etc) promotion f;
Am job offers, offres d'emploi;
offer of marriage, demande f en mariage;
to make someone an offer, faire une offre ou une proposition à quelqu'un,;
esp Hum to make someone an offer they can't refuse, faire à quelqu'un, une proposition que l'on ne peut refuser.

1vt offrir (quelque chose, ses services); présenter (des excuses); tendre (la main); faire (une remarque); avancer (une opinion); proposer (une définition); (of thing) offrir, présenter (un beau spectacle); (of scheme etc) présenter (des difficultés, des avantages);
to offer someone something, offrir quelque chose à quelqu'un,;
he was offered a job, on lui a offert un emploi;
house offered for sale, maison mise en vente;
the conditions that we are able to offer you, les conditions que nous sommes à même de vous faire;
they're offering two weeks' skiing for £200, ils proposent deux semaines aux sports d'hiver pour 200 livres;
to offer to do something, faire l'offre ou offrir de faire quelque chose;
Jur to offer a plea, exciper d'une excuse;
to offer resistance, offrir de la résistance.
2vi (of occasion etc) s'offrir, se présenter;
if a good occasion offers, s'il s'offre une belle occasion.

辞書ソース: English French Dictionary (Kelkouli Rédha)
もっと: 英語から フランス語へのofferの翻訳
offre (Sachs) proposer (C16-183)

辞書ソース: English French Insurance Terms
もっと: 英語から フランス語へのofferの翻訳
proposer, offrissent, offre, offris, sacrifier

辞書ソース: English-French Online Dictionary
もっと: 英語から フランス語へのofferの翻訳
Babylonの翻訳ソフトウェアを入手 ダウンロード 今すぐ無料ダウンロード! ZDNet PCMagazine
обявявам; опитвам се; понечвам; оферта; оферирам; представлявам; предлагане; принасям; представям; предлагам; предложение;

辞書ソース: English-Bulgarian Dictionary
もっと: 英語から ブルガリア語へのofferの翻訳
['Јf@] v 1. принасям в жертва (и с up); to ~ (up) prayers to от{2} ['Јf@] n 1. предложение; ~ of marriage предложение за женит

辞書ソース: English Bulgarian Dictionary (fro Terry)
もっと: 英語から ブルガリア語へのofferの翻訳
['Јfъ] v 1. принасям в жертва (и с up); to ~ (up) prayers to отправям молитви към; to ~ homage to отдавам почит на; 2. предлагам; to ~ to s.o./s.o. предлагам нещо на някого; he ~еd to drive us home той предложи да ни закара экъщи; to ~ an opinion изказвам мнение; to ~ o.'s hand подавам ръка (за здрависване); to ~ o.'s hand (in marriage), ост. to ~ правя предложение за женитба; 3. опитвам се, правя опит, понечвам; to ~ resistance оказвам съпротива, съпротивлявам се; he ~ed to strike me той понечи да ме удари; 4. представлявам; представям (се); the fireworks ~ed a fine spectacle фойерверките бяха/представляваха великолепна гледка; if a good occasion ~s ако се представи добър случай; the first path that ~s първата пътека, на която попаднем; 5. обявявам/предлагам за продан, продавам; предлагам цена; 6. тьрг. правя оферта. ['Јfъ] n 1. предложение; ~ of marriage предложение за женитба; to make an ~ of money/help предлагам пари/помощ; 2. тьрг. предложение, оферта; (goods) on ~ (стоки) за продан (на намалена цена); 3. нещо, което се предлага.

辞書ソース: English Bulgarian Dictionary
もっと: 英語から ブルガリア語へのofferの翻訳

辞書ソース: English Croatian Dictionary(Igaly)
もっと: 英語から クロアチア語へのofferの翻訳
ponuda , ponuđena cijena , staviti na raspolaganje , ponuditi , nuditi , ženidbena ponuda , nuđanje

辞書ソース: English Croatian Dictionary(Mijic)
もっと: 英語から クロアチア語へのofferの翻訳

辞書ソース: English Croatian Dictionary
もっと: 英語から クロアチア語へのofferの翻訳

辞書ソース: English German Networking Terms (Marc Ibold)
もっと: 英語から ドイツ語へのofferの翻訳
anbieten, angebot, Angebot {n}

著作権: 辞書ソース: English-German Online Dictionary
もっと: 英語から ドイツ語へのofferの翻訳
Die Anzeige über den Wunsch, einen Terminkontrakt zu einem bestimmten Kurs (Briefkurs) zu verkaufen.

著作権: 辞書ソース: English-German Futures and Options Terminology
もっと: 英語から ドイツ語へのofferの翻訳

辞書ソース: English German Real Estate Terms
もっと: 英語から ドイツ語へのofferの翻訳
Angebot n
Offerte (f)

著作権: Copyright © 2004-2006, Dr. Pavel Dallakian & Dipl.-Ing. Boris Yanyuk, All rights reserved. 辞書ソース: WinCept English German Glass Dictionary
もっと: 英語から ドイツ語へのofferの翻訳
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foreslå, tilbyde, byde, forslag

辞書ソース: English-Danish Online Dictionary
もっと: 英語からデンマーク語へのofferの翻訳
تقديم‌ داشتن‌، پيشكش‌ كردن‌، عرضه‌، پيشنهاد كردن‌،پيشنهاد، تقديم‌، پيشكش‌، ارائه‌ از، از مبدا، از منشا، از طرف‌، از لحاظ، در جهت‌، درسوي‌، درباره‌، بسبب‌، بوسيله‌

辞書ソース: Salaty English Persian Dictionary (Text )
もっと: 英語から ペルシア語へのofferの翻訳

辞書ソース: Salaty English Persian Dictionary (Graphics)
もっと: 英語から ペルシア語へのofferの翻訳
اراءه، تقديم، تقديم داشتن، پيشنهاد، پيشنهادكردن، پيشكش، پيشكش كردن، عرضه

辞書ソース: HmT English Persian Dictionary
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ايجاب ،اظهار يا ابراز کردن ،عرضه کردن ،پيشنهاد( در مناقصه و مزايده)،تقديم داشتن ،پيشکش کردن ،عرضه ،پيشنهاد کردن ،پيشنهاد،تقديم ،پيشکش ،ارائه
عمران : پيشنهاد
معمارى : عرضه
قانون ـ فقه : ايجاب ،بدست اوردن
بازرگانى : پيشنهاد کردن
 کلمات مرتبط(27)  کلمات مرتبط(offer):

بازگشت به واژه offer

acceptance of offer 
 counter offer 
 firm offer 
 joint product offer 
 make an offer 
money refund offer 
 money-off offer 
offer a sacrifice 
 offer an excuse 
offer and acceptance 
 offer and demand 
offer curve 
 offer for sale 
offer round 
offer to buy something 
 offer to purchase 
on offer 
 our offer to render a service 
sampling offer 
 to offer an apology 
to offer an excuse 
 to offer an explanation 
to offer at any thing 
 to spurn an offer 
trial offer 

辞書ソース: English Persian Dictionary (Hojjat Rabiee)
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تقديم‌ داشتن‌ ، پيشكش‌ كردن‌ ، عرضه‌ ، پيشنهاد كردن‌ ، پيشنهاد ، تقديم‌ ، پيشكش‌ ،ارائه‌ اماده‌براي‌فروش‌ حاضر شدن‌ما براي‌اينكه‌خدمتي‌بكنيم‌ پوزش‌خواستن‌،عذر خواهي‌كردن‌ عذراوردن‌ ،پوزش‌ خواستن‌ ،عذرخواهي‌ كردن‌ ،بهانه‌ ا توضيح‌ دادن‌ بكاري‌ مبادرت‌ورزيدن‌،دست‌بكاري‌ زدن‌

辞書ソース: Farajbeik English Persian Dictionary (v.2)
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پيشنهاد قطعي، ايجاب الزام آور قولنامه، نامه ايجاب و قبول پيشنهاد، ايجاب، عرضه، ارائه ايجاب و قبول قولنامه، نامه ايجاب و قبول پيشنهاد پرداخت غرامت پيشنهاد سازش پيشنهاد، ايجاب، عرضه، ارائه پيشنهاد کردن، ايجاب کردن، ارائه دادن، عرضه کردن، پيشنهاد، ايجاب، ارائه، عرضه

辞書ソース: Mokhtari English Persian Law Dictionary
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ùژگ¤گٹ ©îھ‏• ٹ ô‏¢ى— ٹ ¢‘ْ÷ھ‏• ٹ ِ¢¤î ¢‘ْ÷ھ‏• ٹ ù®¤ن ٹ ِ¢¤î ©îھ‏• ٹ ِ—ھگ¢ ô‏¢ى—on o.=©ّ¤ê‎گ¤“ù¢‘ُگour o. to render=ô‏÷î“ü—ُ¢،ùî÷‏گ‎گ¤“ ‘ُِ¢ھ ¤®‘ںto o. an apology=ِ¢¤îüûگّ، ¤£نٹِ—¨گّ،©¥ّ•to o. an excuse=گ ù÷‘ْ“ٹ ِ¢¤î üûگّ،¤£نٹ ِ—¨گّ، ©¥ّ•ٹ ِ¢¤ّگ¤£نto o. an explanat=ِ¢گ¢ ‍‏®ّ—to o. at any thin=ِ¢¥ ‎¤‘î“–¨¢ٹِ¢‏¥¤ّ–¤¢‘“ُ ‎¤‘î“to spurn an o.=ِ¢¤î¢¤گ¤ü—ّن¢ ©ّ¤ê‎گ¤“ù¢‘ُگ ô‏÷î“ü—ُ¢،ùî÷‏گ‎گ¤“ ‘ُِ¢ھ ¤®‘ں ِ¢¤îüûگّ، ¤£نٹِ—¨گّ،©¥ّ• گ ù÷‘ْ“ٹ ِ¢¤î üûگّ،¤£نٹ ِ—¨گّ، ©¥ّ•ٹ ِ¢¤ّگ¤£ن ِ¢گ¢ ‍‏®ّ— ِ¢¥ ‎¤‘î“–¨¢ٹِ¢‏¥¤ّ–¤¢‘“ُ ‎¤‘î“

辞書ソース: Farajbeik English Persian Dictionary (v.1)
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v. Txhob; thabn. Lus txhob; lus thab

辞書ソース: English Hmong Dictionary
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辞書ソース: English-Hungarian Dictionary
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nyújt, biztosit; (fel)ajánl

辞書ソース: English-Hungarian Dictionary (Száraz)
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Predloziti-Ponuda-Ponuditi-Pokusavati-Ukazati Se-Probati-Pruziti Otpor-Nudjenje-Parozak-Ponuditi Se-Predlog-Prineti Zrtvu

辞書ソース: English Serbian Dictionary
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辞書ソース: English-Albanian Dictionary (ARDi X)
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辞書ソース: English Albanian Dictionary
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v. 1. ~ sth (to sb) (for sth) санал болгох. 2. гаргах, илэрхийлэх, їзїїлэх. ~ one's apologies уучлалт гуйх. They ~ed no resistance. Тэд эсэргїїцэл їзїїлсэнгїй. 3. боломж олгох. The job ~s prospects of promotion. Тушаал дэвших боломжтой ажил. 4. бурханд єргєх/ барих/ залбирах, бурханаас залбиран гуйх. offer (sb) one's hand гараа сунгах. n. санал. offering n. тахил, єргєл, барьц.

辞書ソース: Temuka's English-Mongolian Dictionary
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өгөх, барих, санал, өргөх, санал болгох, оролдох, үзэх, эсэргүүцэх, боломж олдох/гарах

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辞書ソース: English-Swedish Geology Dictionary
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anbud (sälja), erbjuda, ergjudande, offerera

著作権: Tom van der Meijden 辞書ソース: English-Swedish Online Dictionary
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n. bheyٌT/hadaf/niSHaanah/peySH kaSH/qurbaan

辞書ソース: English-Urdu dictionary
もっと: 英語から ウルドゥ語へのofferの翻訳
1. the act انعام- اقدام- تقديم- دعوت عرض- پيشکش
2. proposal تجويز- رائے- بات- بچن
3. price قيمت- مول- دام
v. a.
1. present پيش کرنا- سامنے يا آگے دھرنا- پيش نہاد کرنا- حاضر کرنا- تواضع کرنا- چڑھانا- دينا
2. immolate بل دينا- چڑھانا- قربان کرنا- وارنا- نثار کرنا
3. bid دام،‌قيمت يا مول لگانا
4. propose کہنا- بتلانا- لانا- عرض کرنا- اظہار کرنا
5. put in opposition to حملہ کرنا- چڑھائي کرنا- چڑھنا
to offer a present نذر کرنا- بھيٹ کرنا- پيش کش کرنا- سوغات دينا
offer battle لڑائي مانگنا يا چاہنا
offer violence ہاتھ چلانا- حملہ کرنا- دست درازي کرنا
v. n.
1. be at hand پيش ہونا- آگے ہونا- سامنے ہونا
2. present verbally زبان سے دينا

辞書ソース: English-Urdu Dictionary v0.91b
もっと: 英語から ウルドゥ語へのofferの翻訳
ponudba, predlog; on ~ naprodaj; nuditi, žrtvovati

辞書ソース: Bidirectional English Slovenian Dictionary
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(v) запропонувати; пропонувати (n) пропозиція

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(v) пропонувати (n) оферта; пропозиція

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